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The tracks of an important late roman germanic necropolis in central Italy: the archaeological excavation in the area of piana del fiume in the municipality of pozzilli, province of isernia, Molise

By Michele Raddi

Udayana University


Published: Feb 25, 2020 | pg. no: 1-38

Abstract: Archaeological investigations conducted in the province of Isernia, in the Piana del Fiume, in the municipality of Pozzilli, have undoubtedly add an important contribution to the knowledge of the regional planning of the upper Valley of the Volturno, in the period between the late Roman age and ostrogoth (493-553) and Langobard (568-774) allocation. Urgency archaeological excavation operations were conducted in two successive campaigns (november 2004-january 2005 and may-august 2006) in an area destined to the construction of a road of national interest. An area relatively unextended returned approximately 66 graves by type (fossa, cappuccina and cassone). The significance of the discovery lies in the fact that the time-span, in which are located the tombs, is that between the sixth and seventh centuries a.D. a period marked by major conflicts such as the Greek Gothic wars and the arrival of the Langobards in Italy. We have not much information about this historical period and so this discovery contributes to the knowledge of a historical period which is relatively unknown, at least regarding the subject of archaeological investigation. Moreover, this archaeological excavation contributes to clarify the aspect relative to the funerary uses at that time.

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