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The MedCrave Group is an open access publishing group that caters to those who wish to communicate their scientific ideas and research to the rest of the world. MedCrave provides users with unlimited scientific research information to bolster their research and general knowledge base.

On MedCrave, you will find scientific research information on just about every topic you can imagine. Not only do users have the ability to access and view every research paper in MedCrave, but users can also download and share research papers. The primary goal of the MedCrave Group is to make scientific content accessible to the entire global population, and the MedCrave Group has taken many steps to make this goal more achievable.


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Our Latest eBooks

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Performance evaluation for the achievement of labor competences in the modular curriculum of professional technical high school

Abstract: .....[Read more]

Published On: Sep 05, 2023

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Hepatitis B Virus HBV and Hepatitis C Virus HCV Nigerian American immigrants awareness knowledge and attitudes

Abstract: Over 300 million people live with the Hepatitis B virus (HBV), and over 170 million live with the Hepatitis C virus (HCV) worldwide. In sub-Saharan Africa, Nigeria has over 21 million people living with HBV and/or HCV. Y.....[Read more]

Published On: Jun 13, 2023

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Large benthic symbiotic foraminifera biodiversity as means of propagules distribution

Abstract: The study indicates that both multivariate analyses and the FORAM index (FI) are dependable tools for evaluating water quality and reef health on coral reefs. The occurrence of foraminifera in reef areas is influenced by.....[Read more]

Published On: Mar 27, 2023

Cover page
Quality attributes of chocolate: a review

Abstract: Cocoa and chocolate products are widely recognized around the world as things that are linked to emotional eating and offer instant gratification. Consumers’ choice of chocolate is impacted by the presenting health att.....[Read more]

Published On: Feb 02, 2023

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Fathers role in sons and daughters upbringing

Abstract: The book is dedicated to the topic of fatherhood. It is addressed to future fathers and also those fathers who want to be thoughtful ones, to learn on other people’s positive and negative experiences. Although nowadays.....[Read more]

Published On: Jan 02, 2023

Cover page
Analysis of the therapeutic impact on a patient suffering from a personality disorder with a possible perverse connotation and dissociation disorder in a traumatic context

Abstract: Arylidene polymers or by other words polyarylidenes have been prolonged studied over wider range of years with a significant attentions in the past few decades. .....[Read more]

Published On: Nov 01, 2022

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