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Fluid Management in the Intensive Care Unit after End of Renal Transplantation Surgery and Effect of Hot Weather in Sudan

By Dr. Yasir Osman Hassan Babiker and Dr. Ahmed Ali Khalid MD

Consultant of Anesthesia and Intensive Care, Saudhi Arabia


Published: Mar 29, 2018 | pg. no: 1-28

Abstract: Abstract This study was designed to determine the outcome of renal transplantation program in Sudan, specifically in the fluid management in the intensive care unit after end of renal transplantation surgery, keeping in mind the hot weather in Sudan. The non interventional, retrospective study which was conducted at Ahmed Gasim Hospital - intensive care unit-in the period from November 2005 to May 2006, where the ICU admission sheets for 60 patients, were studied to determine the effect of giving international standard protocol of fluid therapy which was modified by Sudanese physicians from 30m1 to 50m1 + urine output which is replaced by normal saline on central venous pressure, blood pressure, temperature and puls. The study showed that were different levels of significant changes range from slight to strong changes in pulse, blood pressure, central venous pressure and temperature. The results showed that the application of international standard protocol of fluid management (ISP) has a great value to regulate the vital signs in recipient patient in Suda

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