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Sulpyco Method: A New Quantum and Integrative Approach to Depression

By Maja Roje Novak

Private Neurological Practice, Croatia


Published: Oct 16, 2015 | pg. no: 1-38

Abstract: The use of SULPYCO in treating depression and related disorders is a simple, innovative method that involves a combination of two known, but very different, medicinal drugs: dissolved parenteral sulpiride--a classical neuroleptic generic drug--and Coenzyme Compositum solution (Heel, Germany), a parenteral complex and over-the-counter homeopathic and isopathic medication. The term “SULPYCO” stands for “SULP” (sulpiride), “Y” (and), plus “CO” (coenzyme); this drug was discovered accidentally, but has benefited many. The SULPYCO trademark and the hybrid content of SULPYCO are internationally patented. This bizarre blend works so well in clinical settings that it has the potential to revolutionize antidepressant therapy. Generally, it is used as a subcutaneous injection, like insulin.

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