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Self-Esteem and Depression among Orphan and Non-Orphan Children

By Ammara Asif

My Psychologist Community, Dubai-UAE

Public Health

Published: Jun 27, 2017 | pg. no: 1-33

Abstract: The aim of this study was to examine the level of depression and self-esteem among orphan and non-orphan children. Participants of this study were 50 orphan children and 50 non-orphan children selected randomly. Totally, 100 orphan and non-orphan children participated in the study. Data about participants were collected through questionnaire. Data were analyzed using both descriptive (percentage, mean and SD) and inferential statistical methods such as independent t-test. The results revealed that there is positive relationship (r = 0.69, P<0.01) between depression and self esteem between orphan and non-orphan children. T-test revealed significant depression (t = 3.78, p<0.001), between orphan and nonorphan children. Orphan children obtained higher score on depression scale than non- orphan children. On the other hand, non-orphan children obtained high score on self-esteem (t = 4.85, p<0.001), than their counterparts of orphan children. Finally practical implications of the findings are presented.

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