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Determining Compliance of Transboundary Cooperation for Biodiversity Management in the Serengeti- Mara Ecosystem, East Africa

By George Okoye Krhoda

University of Nairobi, Kenya

Ecology & Environmental Sciences

Published: Feb 05, 2018 | pg. no: 14

Abstract: Biodiversity management is under threat due to habitat loss and or modifications resulting from deforestation, increased farming, overgrazing and human settlement. There is need for an organized process as well as community participation in transboundary conservation. The entire Serengeti-Masai Mara Ecosystem the world famous Serengeti Game Park and Maasai Mara National Reserve and includes the Maswa Game Reserve (2,200km2) in the south, Grumeti and Ikorongo Game Reserves in the east, Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya (1,672km2) to the north, and Loliondo Game Controlled Area in the west. The paper reviews the level of policy compliance and strategy integration of international cooperation in transboundary ecosystem of environment in Kenya and Tanzania in order to determine the extent to which the states have complied with international protocols. An assessment of documentary evidence on the level of effectiveness in the integration of transboundary cooperation in policies and legal frameworks and field data were collected from 35 residents around the SME using questionnaires. The sample was convenient sampling in which only adults who gad interacted with conservation areas were interviewed. Additionally a cross tabulation using check list on policies related to biodiversity in the East African Community region, and policy prescriptions was made. The achievement of the cooperation obligations is not a benchmark to demonstrate cooperation but rather the number of prescriptions per legal framework on cooperation reflects more authority on domestication and application of the legal frameworks in transboundary matters.

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