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Dual Sex-Power Relation Theory

By Paul Andrew Bourne

Socio-Medical Research Institute, Jamaica


Published: Nov 21, 2016 | pg. no: 1-19

Abstract: Introduction: Historically, sex and sex-power relations have resulted in many conflicts, which disrupt a harmonious social order. There have been documented accounts of sexual relations being used to destroy courageous, strong and powerful people. Sex is more than a natural biological activity as it is equally a cultured behaviour, which can change the dynamics of social relationship. Over the centuries, people have been fascinated by sexual behaviour and no study exists that show the dual sex-power relation in a model formats. Objectives: This study seeks to establish that there is a dual sex-power relation existing in sexual behaviour, and that sexual relations can be expressed as a model. Methods: Social constructionism is the employed theoretical perspective which underpins this work that allowed for the use of observations, data reduction, thematic identification, interviews and document analyses. Findings: Based on the quadrants, the only time when there is no conflict between individuals within a society as it relates to sexual behaviour is when the socio-economic and political power is able to carry out his/her dominance, will, and selfdeterminism. It follows that the only time when people will indicate pleasures in sexual relation is when dominance can be used to carry out the individual’s preferences, interest and fantasies. Conclusion: Dominance gives power to an individual in a coital activity and the craft and art of this dominance when express triggers excitement and fulfil psychological and emotional needs. Dominance precipitates sexual excitement, enjoyment, and plateau, and it holds the keys unlocking the power of self-determinism and conflict in human social relations.

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