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Risk factors for breast cancer in patients presenting at the khartoum Teaching Hospital

By Amged Mohammed Salih Mohammed Ahmed

Omdurman Islamic University

Cancer & Oncology

Published: Aug 01, 2018 | pg. no: 1-24

Abstract: Female breast cancer is by far the leading cancer in the Sudan.Studying risk factors for breast cancer are important for a reduction of the incidence.Objectives: To study the risk factors for breast cancer at Khartoum teaching hospital in the study period and to compare them with the literature.Patients and methods: It is prospective study conducted at Khartoum Teaching Hospital.In this study, 110 patients with confirmed breast cancer were included.The data collected using special data sheet and managed using Statistical packs of social sciences SPSS (SPSS).Results: In these study 110 patients studied, 108 were female and 2 were male.Their ages ranged between 25 and 85 years. The majority of patients fell in the average age group (45-54years) by 34.2%, the majority38 patients (34.2%) originate from the North, the highest incidence was in Gaalia.Sixty one patients (54.9%) develop menarche at or below the age of 13 years old, 57.6% of all females that have kids (71patients) had their first child below the age of 31 years old, 44.1% were pre-menopausal at presentation, 17.1% had a family history of breast cancer, and 25 patients (22.7%) ate diet rich in fat.Conclusion: North was the commonest state of origin and the Gaalia, Shawaiga and Kwahla is the mostly affected tribes among 44 tribes; breast cancer occurs in a younger age group 45 – 54 years old, which is younger than in the west and Arabian.In Sudan we need a lot of studies in all country focusing on the genetic and racial factors. Family history of breast cancer, early menarche, contraceptive pills, and unmarried play important role risk factors and increase the incidence. Diabetes, fatty diet, overweight and obesity and antihypertensive drugs also play a significant increasing risk.Age at first child, menopausal status, breast feeding, education and socioeconomic status, parity, widow and alcohol is not risk factors for breast cancer in Sudanese females and against the literature in the west, at least in this study.

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