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Quality attributes of chocolate: a review

By Jacob K. Agbenorhevi

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana

Food Technology

Published: Feb 02, 2023 | pg. no: 1-16

Abstract: Cocoa and chocolate products are widely recognized around the world as things that are linked to emotional eating and offer instant gratification. Consumers’ choice of chocolate is impacted by the presenting health attributes of the chocolates. In the market, certain chocolate products are increasingly labeled with the percent cocoa content. Depending on the labeling on the cocoa or chocolate product, the percent cocoa may refer to either the total cocoa solids or the nonfat cocoa solids. It has been shown that taste has been a major factor consumer depends on in choosing their chocolate products. The quality of chocolates is influenced by the ingredient composition, processing and storage conditions. Composition variations, chocolate surface roughness, and processing parameters all affect color parameters during chocolate production. The industry is concerned with fat bloom which degrades both visual and textural quality. Sugar bloom may also occour on top of the chocolate as a rough and uneven layer. Increase or decrease values of free fatty acid (FFA) are crucial in influencing chocolate quality. Furthermore, the quality attributes give information to the food product development team while making product formulation decisions. Associations/Organisations such as International Office of Cocoa and Chocolate/International Sugar Confectionery Manufacturers Association, Codex CAOBISCO/ECA/FCC and FDA also have standards for proximate values, additive composition, chocolate composition, chemical properties and microbial levels of chocolates products. In the studies reviewed, it has been shown that quality attributes influence consumers purchasing behaviour and aesthetic features of the chocolate.

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